WHO Consultation on PLWNCD

WHO Consultation on PLWNCD

From 9-11 December 2020, ISE was invited to participate in the WHO Informal Consultation on People Living with NCDs.

Attention to the value and role of ‘People living with NCDs’ (PLWNCDs) which includes endocrine disorders, in the non-communicable diseases (NCD) response has evolved from an emerging topic to becoming a central pillar for NCD advocacy within global public health. There has been a widespread acknowledgment of the importance of engaging PLWNCDs within the global health arena, valuing their voices, expertise and inputs – from the design to the implementation of programs and services, in addition to acting as key drivers of various political processes. However, few models exist where meaningful engagement of PLWNCDs has been implemented, and if so, there is lack of evidence of whether these engagements have been successful.

PLWNCDs is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of diseases, experiences and perspectives. In order to meaningful engage PLWNCDs, from the design to the implementation of programs and services and involve PLWNCDs in various political processes, a first consultation is proposed in order to initiate discussions on mapping activities, finding synergies, and identifying models of engagement and evidence gaps.

This consultation process is initiated by the Global Coordination Mechanism- NCD secretariat of WHO. The WHO GCM/NCD Secretariat aims to coordinate a collaborative exercise with relevant WHO departments, UN agencies and GCM/NCD Participants to create a medium-long term workstream. This WHO consultation is the first focusing on meaningful engagement of PLWNCDs and, will be complemented with additional global and regional consultations and activities across 2021 and 2022.

ISE was invited to represent the global endocrine health care professionals community. Susan Mandel from the USA, Fatheya Al Awadi from the UAE and Pedro Nel Rueda from Colombia took part in this important meeting.