The ISE leadership structure consists of two bodies:

General Council

The General Council is made up of one representative from each of the national member societies.

Executive Committee

ISE Executive Committee members (2020 – 2022)

Senior Leadership:

  • Chairperson: Margaret Wierman (USA)
  • Immediate past-Chairperson: Andre Lacroix (Canada)
  • Secretary Treasurer: Emmanuel Christ (Switzerland)
  • Executive Director (non-Voting) : Helen van Oers (Netherlands)


  • Fatheya Al Awadi  (UAE)
  • Alvin Powers (USA)
  • Jerome Bertherat (France)
  • Gregory Kaltsas (Greece)
  • Vivien Lim (Singapore)
  • Susan Mandel (USA)
  • Ayesha Motala (South Africa)
  • Abbas Raza (Pakistan)
  • Pedro Rueda (Colombia)
  • Hirotaka Shibata (Japan )
  • Helena Teede (Australia)

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