Supporting the development of endocrinology in Mozambique

Supporting the development of endocrinology in Mozambique

Our  mission is to support the development of endocrinology in areas of the world where there is a lack of capacity. We are happy to announce the start of our first ISE global outreach program linking Mozambique with Argentina.

Dr. Hidayat Kassim from Mozambique, province of Zambezia reached out recently to the ISE as his country currently does not have any trained endocrinologist.

He says: “Mozambique has about 30 million inhabitants. An education curriculum does not exist in the country. It is urgent to develop an endocrinology practice.”

Cases of diabetes mellitus and thyroid dysfunction are increasing rapidly following the alarming global trend in LMIC where the burden of endocrine disorders is growing even faster.

Dr Kassim is a trained general practitioner interested in following our specialty. The health ministry of Mozambique is supporting him for his training, but he needed to find an institution that was willing to host him for the duration of his specialization.

Thanks to the great efforts of the Argentinian endocrine community, in particular Prof. Eduardo Pusiol and Prof Ruben Lutfi, Dr. Kassim will start his training in 2020 in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina Republic in the Churruca Hospital (Complejo Médico ¨Churruca-Visca ¨) that belongs to the Argentinian Federal Police under the leadership and in the team of Prof. Lutfi : “We are honored to host Dr. Kassim in Buenos Aires and are sure that this exchange will be the start of a great collaboration between out two countries”, says Lutfi. 


Dr. Kassim benefits from a Degree in General Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of the Eduardo Mondlane University and completed a master’s degree in public health in 2018 by the European University of the Canary Islands in Spain. After the end of the specialty Dr Kassim will commit to return to his country to develop endocrinology practice.

We hope that ISE will be able to help many other countries building up their workforce and establishing local, regional and national endocrinology practices.

If you are interested in participating in these global outreach initiatives of ISE, please contact Gergana and Ariane at the ISE office: