SAFES launch “Run for a healthy life” campaign to counter obesity epidemic

SAFES launch “Run for a healthy life” campaign to counter obesity epidemic

Public awareness campaign reaching out to young adults by the South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies

Joining forces with the collective aim of raising awareness of obesity and promoting a healthier youth in the South Asian region and beyond, ISE member societies from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka have come together under their Regional Federation, the South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies (SAFES), to launch the “Run for a Health Life” campaign to create awareness on obesity, one of the most rapidly increasing risk factors of diabetes and other serious diseases. The campaign aims to prevent the prevalence of obesity by reaching out to schools and broadly to the younger generation by conducting awareness sessions on changing lifestyles and encourages greater physical activity, especially running.
President of SAFES Dr Abbas Raza said, 
“As experts in the field, SAFES considers it as its prime responsibility to work for awareness that obesity and diabetes is preventable, all we need is regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Following these simple measures, we can save our future generation from the risk of serious diseases”.

Key facts

The campaign takes a 360° approach and focuses on 4 core objectives:
  1. Addressing the rising trend of obesity in young children – Pakistan alone is the 8th most obese country in the world!
  2. Raising public awareness – Working with partners including governments, schools and sports influencers
  3. Translating knowledge into action – Delivering education to help tackle poor lifestyle, particularly in children
  4. Giving back to community – Donations for every step taken to support an active and healthier nation

The campaign officially launched on 4th May with the support of regional government and international health ambassadors.