SAFES Biennial Endocrine Congress, 2023

SAFES Biennial Endocrine Congress, 2023

SAFES represents the endocrine societies of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. The SAFES Biennial Congress in 2023 was held under the theme of “Endocrine Kaleidoscope” and brought together more than 640 physicians and endocrinologists from the region who contributed to a successful and engaging event.


The congress was held on 17-18 March as a fully in-person event and included a variety of topics and speakers from the whole region.

The conference started with the topic of “Diabetes Distress” presented by Dr Syed Abbas Raza, President of ISE and Past President of SAFES and the Pakistan Endocrine Society (PES). Dr Raza was followed by Dr. Sanjay Kalra and Dr. Natin Kapoor who jointly presented the Kathmandu Declaration which aim is to fight the fast-growing obesity in the region. The day continued with Master Class sessions which were focused on the needs of the residents and fellows. The topics included “Diets and FADS: Keto and intermittent fasting”, “Sexual dysfunction”, “ER to discharge” and more.

The second day was filled with joint sessions of SAFES with the different regional and local societies including the Nephrology Society of Nepal, the Society of Internal Medicine of Nepal, the Cardiac Society of Nepal and many others. Highlight sessions from the day were “SGLT2 use: Regional experience” (presented by Prof A.H.Aamir), “Remission of T2DM” (presented by Prof. Prasad Katulanda), “Dilemma of diagnosis Type 1 or Type 2 DM” (presented by Prof. Mark WJ Strachan).

The conference was ended by Dr Dina Shrestha who presented the SAFES guidelines for thyroid disorders.

ISE Endorsement

ISE was delighted to endorse the SAFES Biennial Congress in 2023 and receive the feedback of the SAFES President, Dr. Dina Strestha, who said: “ISE endorsement is a great validation of our work. We had good participation from around the region and ISE endorsement played a very vital role in that.”

We look forward to continuing the collaboration with our valuable partner – SAFES – and exploring further ways to support the advancement of the endocrinology field in the region.