ISE Voices: Meet with Florencia Picech from Argentina

ISE Voices: Meet with Florencia Picech from Argentina

Every month, ISE meets with endocrinologists all around the world to learn more about their interests  and specialization. Today we met with Florencia Picech, a Ph.D. student from Argentina. Keep reading to learn more!


ISE: Please introduce yourself with few words?

Florencia: My name is Florencia and I am a Ph.D. student from Argentina. My doctoral thesis is focused on pituitary tumors and their response to therapy. Since 2014 I have been carried out my research project at the Electron Microscopy Center, School of Medicine, National University of Cordoba and the Research Institute for Health Sciences, National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (INICSA-CONICET) in Córdoba, Argentina.

ISE: How did you choose the field of endocrinology? What is your research work?

Florencia: I found the endocrinology field very interesting since I started studying the impact of the pituitary gland on the physiological state of the entire human body and the implications of tumor development compromising its functions.

Within this research project I aim to find new approaches to contribute to the improvement of therapeutic efficacy based on somatostatin analogs for acromegalic patients.

ISE: How did you decide to participate in the ISE Congress?

Florencia: I decided to participate in the ICE Congress since it brings together scientists from all over the world who are leaders in the area of endocrinology, and being part of such an event would represent a great contribution to my development as a young researcher.

This opportunity allowed me to share my results with the rest of the scientific community dedicated to the study of pituitary tumors development and treatment, as means to contribute to the search for ways to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from this disease.

ISE: What was your experience in ICE 2018 like? Did you meet new people, gather valuable experience and contacts?

Florencia: During the ICE Congress I had the opportunity to get in touch and discuss new findings with people with different backgrounds, which contributes to enhancing the quality of each other’s work and analysis of the results. Besides ICE scientific environment, at a more personal level, I also had the opportunity to meet and share spare time with people from different countries which I find extremely valuable when living this kind of experience.

ISE: What would you recommend ISE should do for young people who just start their career in endocrinology?

Florencia: I consider that providing support to young enthusiastic students in their very first steps as future researchers is crucial to accompany them in the path to become critical and responsible scientists, dedicated to attend the necessities of our society.

Financial help is important for them to decide to attend this kind of events; nevertheless, the creation of a space to discuss about their findings, for instance, small seminars with short results presentations; would represent a challenge but also the suitable atmosphere to give an opinion and contribute to other persons’ project, feeling comfortable by being surrounded by students in the same situation.