A year in review with Andre Lacroix, ISE Chairperson

A year in review with Andre Lacroix, ISE Chairperson

At the beginning of the new 2020, we wanted to share with you what we have achieved together in the past one year and what goals we have set for the new 2020. Keep reading to find the answers from the ISE Chairperson, Andre Lacroix, in his message below at the end of 2019.

“With the end of the year and the start of the new 2020,  we wanted to take the opportunity to review the journey we experienced together in 2019 and all the achievements of ISE which would not have been possible without all our societies’ continuous support and cooperation.

At the beginning of 2019, the ISE Leadership team and Executive Committee initiated the realization of ambitious long-term goals and strategic plan which we all knew would be challenging and would require time, devotion and energy from all of us to be realized. This encouraged our various working groups to prioritize and focus their actions towards the continued growth of ISE for the next few years.

In the last days of 2019, I am happy to say that ISE had a successful 2019 during which we progressed on many projects and set a strong foundation to continue pursuing our goals in all regions worldwide.

We set up our own online educational portal – the ISE Global Education Hub which we developed with the help of many experts and constantly improve and update with new resources. In 2019 we created 7 accredited self-taught courses and a number of other resources available without any cost for the global endocrine community. By the end of the year, we organized our first two accredited Webinars with the help of our partners IMS and WAPO and set a base for this educational format which we will further develop in 2020.

We welcomed new members into the ISE Family and also new partners that joined throughout this year including International Menopause Society (IMS), International Coalition of Organizations Supporting Endocrine Patients (ICOSEP), Federation of International Nurses in Endocrinology (FINE) and the World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations (WAPO) with which we already pursued our first projects together and look forward to future cooperation with them in 2020.

We developed a CME Meetings Program to support existing national meetings of our members’ societies and in 2019 ISE endorsed interesting events including The 2nd International Conference of Bangladesh Endocrine Society, The Belarusian Endocrinology Forum, the 2nd African Days of Clinical Endocrinology, International Conference on Geriatric Endocrinology organized by the Georgian Society of Endocrinology! We will continue the CME program in 2020 as one of the main goals of ISE is to help foster the globalisation and inter-regional development of existing national and regional meetings.

We have been working on other objectives as well including Expanding Membership base, Early Career Program, Advocacy and more which will help us grow in 2020 and deliver the vision, mission & strategic priorities of the society.

We are now looking with anticipation and confidence at the new 2020 which will be key for the society and the continuity of its projects. Our 19th ICE will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 4-7 2020, hosted by the Argentine Federation of Endocrinology Societies (FASEN) and the Latin American Federation of Endocrinology (FELEAN). The Program  Organising committee led by Susan Webb and Ariel Sanchez have prepared a very exciting program which we are convinced will be attractive to all of you. We will also expect your presence at the General Council of ISE where all our National Societies leaders will have an opportunity to contribute directly to ISE important matters.

We sincerely hope and wish to all of you that 2020 will be most favourable and productive with many new opportunities! Thank you for your support during 2019 and we look forward to expanding our partnerships in 2020 and to progress towards our common global goals in the field of endocrinology!”

Andre Lacroix
Chairperson on behalf of ISE Leadership Team