Welcome to the Georgian Association of Endocrinology & Metabolism!

Welcome to the Georgian Association of Endocrinology & Metabolism!

We are pleased to welcome the Georgian Association of Endocrinology and Metabolism (GAEM) as a new member in our growing community. GAEM is a society that counts over 80 members and provides Continuous Medical Education for healthcare providers in endocrinology in Georgia.

GAEM wanted to create a platform for medical doctors to communicate, collaborate, share their clinical experience and knowledge, ask questions and receive up-to-date information and translated unbiased literature in the field of endocrinology.

We talked to President of the society Natia Vashakmadze MD from the David Tvildiani Medical University in Tblisi.

The association aims to provide continuous medical educational activities to endocrinologists, translate guidelines, articles and create patient information leaflets, animations and videos to increase awareness about endocrine diseases in Georgia. We translate medscape, uptodate and other high quality medical news in field of endocrinology and display them on our web page and Facebook page. We send e-mails once per month to all our members with all the translated literature, including guidelines, articles and patient information leaflets.” says Natia Vashakmadze.

The state of endocrinology in Georgia is in a process of development. There are quite a lot of challenges in the country:

There is a lack of updated, evidence based clinical approach to treat endocrine disease in Georgia. The main reason for this is the lack of education, the language barrier (especially among the older generation) and the shortage of modern unbiased high quality medical literature in our native language. Our association aims to fill this gap and to make modern endocrinology accessible to everyone.”

This small society wishes to engage in a global community, to collaborate with the ISE, and organise conferences with support and endorsement of ISE: “As we are very young and small society and we are doing this job as volunteers it seems to be great strength to have ISE with us as a supporter and partner.”

We warmly welcome GAEM and look forward to a fruitful cooperation!

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