ISE CME Meetings Program – submit your event!

ISE CME Meetings Program – submit your event!

The ISE CME Meetings Program is a program that is created to support the conceptual design of local and regional meetings in underserved countries and to contribute to the set-up of a faculty of international speakers who supplement local speakers. These renowned speakers will participate in the events on a voluntary basis and will be dedicated to sharing their knowledge with doctors, specialists and nurses in underserved part of the world.

With this Program ISE aims to stimulate the interest of the local and regional endocrine communities in expanding their programs and developing relationships with experts who can provide additional information and support and develop standard curricula on specific topics.

Now with the help of the Program, meeting organizers and societies that live in underserved parts of the world can receive support of ISE renowned speakers who will be participating live at their events and as a result increase the scientific value of the meetings.

So do you have an event that you would like to be endorsed by ISE through the ISE CME Meetings Program?  

What are the levels of support the program includes? What is the application process for participation? What is the criteria that you need to meet?

Find the answers to all of your questions in the Guidelines for ISE CME Meetings Program and submit your events by clicking on the link below!


The next deadline to submit a request for support is 1 November 2019.