New faces at the ISE

New faces at the ISE

ICE 2018 is where we said thank you and farewell to our outgoing Executive Committee members Paul Stewart – Secretary Treasurer for many years, Hannah van Oudheusden – CEO, Antoine Tabarin – ESE representative, Bill Young – Endocrine Society representative, and Takashi Akamizu – Japan Endocrine Society representative.

We welcomed our new Executive Committee members on board for the coming years:


Emanuel Christ, who took on the role of Secretary Treasurer; Lisa Fish – Endocrine Society representative, Jerome Bertherat – ESE representative, Gregory Kaltsas – ESE representative, Hirotaka Shibata – Japan Endocrine Society representative and the new position of SAFES (South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies) representative: Syed Abbas Raza.

New ISE Office


At ICE 2018 you’ve also had the opportunity to meet our new ISE Office team, consisting of Ariane Brusselmans – ISE Executive Director, and Linda Bosschers – ISE Office, who have been getting integrated into our society since early December 2018.