Message from the new President of ISE – Dr. Syed Abbas Raza

Message from the new President of ISE – Dr. Syed Abbas Raza

Dr. Syed Abbas Raza became the President of ISE in November 2022 taking over from Dr. Margaret Wierman, who served as President for the period 2020-2022. Dr. Raza has been an active Board member of ISE since 2018 and was also the Chair of the ISE Education Working group leading the mandate forward with dedication, passion and accountability. Find out more about Dr. Raza here and read his welcome message to the global ISE community below.


Dear global ISE community,

It is a great pleasure and privilege for me to turn to you as President of the International Society of Endocrinology, an honorable position that I took over from my great predecessor Prof. Margaret Wierman in November last year.

I want to thank the outgoing Senior Leadership of ISE for their dedication and passionate leadership in the past couple of years helping ISE navigate through these unprecedented times. I step onto a strong foundation and am happy to continue their legacy and lead the society forward to fulfilling our mission of serving the global endocrinology community and our members around the world.

With the support and guidance of the new ISE Secretary, Alvin Powers (USA), Treasurer, Hirotaka Shibata (Japan) and the full ISE Board I am enthusiastically sharing the strategic goals that we have set for the society this year:

  • We will continue the focus on our mission and serve the less-resourced regions
  • We aim to further intensify the collaboration with our member societies and develop more joint activities with them
  • We will work on strengthening the alliance with our regional partners around the world
  • We will enhance the activities of our working groups: Education, Advocacy and Early Career, developing more materials and activities that are relevant to and in support of our global endocrinology community
  • We will launch two major events in 2023 and 2024 where we hope to meet many of you in person:
    • the ISE Regional Endocrinology Practice in collaboration with the Mexican Society of Nutrition and Endocrinology (SMNE) – 13-15 July 2023, Guadalajara, Mexico
    • and the International Congress of Endocrinology (ICE) in collaboration with the Emirates Diabetes & Endocrinology Society (EDES) – 1-3 March 2024, Dubai, UAE.

We would love to see you involved in the events and education activities we are bringing to you, specifically if you live in an underserved region; share the education and all you find relevant for your practice within your local endocrine community. Our ISE Global Education Hub brings high-quality accredited education to you free of charge, which we know is of great value to members around the world. In the coming years we strive to expand the offering even more with a diverse range of topics and different types of education for you to choose from according to your personal preferences.

With every challenge comes the opportunity to evolve, to learn and to move forward. We will continue listening to you and all members around the world, so we serve and support the global endocrinology community and the development of our specialty to the best of our ability.