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A young society established in June 2008 the Uganda Endocinology Society aims to:

  • Facilitate and promote the delivery of endocrinology services in Uganda
  • Bring together a multidisciplinary team of scientists with training in endocrinology.
  • Advocate in various forms for the recognition and uplifting of endocrinology services in Uganda and beyond.
  • Participate in all activities geared towards the mitigation of all endocrinological disorders.
  • Facilitate and involve the members in scientific research related to endocrinology.
  • Network with all organizations and societies related to endocrinological disorders. This will include Government, Intergovernmental, Non-governmental, private and Academic.
  • Assist members with knowledge and means related to prevention or treatment of endocrinology diseases
  • Reduce the death rate due to endocrinological diseases.
  • Publish information in appropriate media such as leaflets, books, booklets, brochures, newsletters, magazines and such others as may be deemed necessary by the Society.
No. of Members
Annual Meeting
Uganda Endocinology Society Annual Meeting 2018
February TBC
Venue TBC
President Frederick Nelson Nakwagala  
Secretary Jane Fualal
Website No active website currently  
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