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Member Profile : Thailand : Endocrine Society of Thailand (EST)
The Endocrine Society of Thailand (EST) was founded in 1981. It is a non-profit organization which was established to promote, foster and assist medical and allied professionals in the field of endocrinology. Their objectives are as follows:
  • To act as a forum for physicians, scientists and other medical professionals whose interests are focused on the academic area of endocrinology
  • To enable exchange of knowledge and information with respect to different aspects in endocrinology
  • To act as a center, both domestically and internationally, for integration of useful and state-of-the-art information related to the field of endocrinology
  • To support academics and research in endocrinology. The EST may make financial contribution for arranging seminars, conferences and research in this field
  • To promote collaboration and coordination with other international endocrine societies
  • To establish standard for certification of endocrinology training in Thailand
  • To guide and provide useful and important information in endocrinology to the public. The EST may develop guidelines, give advice or opinions regarding specific endocrine issues.
No. of Members
Annual Meeting

Endocrine Society of Thailand Annual Meeting

November TBC
Venue TBC

President Boonsong Ongphiphadhanakul  
Secretary Chardpraorn Ngarmukos


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