ISE voices: Meet with Rakesh Kundu from India

ISE voices: Meet with Rakesh Kundu from India

Every month, ISE meets with endocrinologists all around therakesh-at-the-congress world to learn more about their interest and specialization. Today we met with Rakesh Kundu, an Assistant Professor from Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, India. He has been working on Type 2 diabetes for the last 10 years and his current interest is on beta-cell biology. He took part in the travel grant scheme of the ISE to attend the prestigious ICE Congress that was held in Cape Town in December 2018. 


ISE: How did you choose the field of endocrinology? What is your specialization or research work?

Rakesh: My specialization was in Biochemistry and my doctoral work was in the field of toxicology. Since my postdoctoral studies I have grown interest in the field of Type 2 diabetes. My mentor Prof. Samir Bhattacharya was an established endocrinologist in the country and has been involved in the field of Type 2 diabetes for the last two decades. We have published a few good works in this line that gave us international recognition in our field.

ISE: How did you decide to participate in the ICE Congress?

Rakesh: I have heard about the ICE Congress from one of our collaborators Prof. Satinath Mukhopadhyay, MD, FRS, who used to be one of the regular attendees of the Congress. He encouraged me to participate in this meeting to broaden my network and therefore I have submitted my abstract with huge enthusiasm.  My colleague told me about the ISE Travel Grant Scheme and supported me for my application. It was an exciting moment for me at that time. I was determined to participate in is this prestigious meeting. It was a great sense of satisfaction and gratitude when ISE confirmed to me about the travel support.

ISE: What was your experience in ICE 2018 like? Did you meet new people, gather valuable experience and contacts?

Rakesh: It was a wonderful experience indeed at ICE 2018. It’s a huge meeting of the clinicians, basic researchers and young talented scholars. An opportunity to meet the scientists and listen to the great lectures from the domain of Endocrinology. Meeting new people, dining together and making friends was also an exciting feeling there.

ISE: What did you find most valuable from your experience in ICE 2018?

Rakesh: ICE Congress gave me the opportunity to meet the giants in my field of research. The quality of works being presented was of high standards and was of great value to me. Interactions with young researchers during poster sessions were also very exciting. I will certainly participate again if I can get travel support from somewhere. It was an enriching and delightful experience inside and outside the Congress at Cape Town. Most of the lectures were of high standards with superior quality of works being presented.