Who will host the 2024 International Congress of Endocrinology?

Who will host the 2024 International Congress of Endocrinology?

This year ISE celebrated the 20th edition of the International Congress of Endocrinology (ICE). Starting in 1960 in Copenhagen, ICE has circled around the world aiming to unite the international community of endocrinology by offering top-notch science and peer-to-peer education, always in a unique atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie. This year’s congress, similarly to the previous ICE in 2021, was held virtually with the advantage that more people from around the world had the opportunity to access education and attend the exceptional scientific program as prepared by the POC (Program Organizing Committee).

International Congress of Endocrinology in 2024

We are already looking forward to organizing the next ICE congress and we are excited to announce it will be held in March 2024 in collaboration with our valuable member the Emirates Diabetes and Endocrine Society (EDES) in Dubai.

EDES joined ISE in 2019 and since then they have been an active and loyal member with whom ISE has collaborated successfully, including for the launch of the ISE Endocrinology Practice event held virtually in 2021. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Fatheya Al Awadi the society has proven to be able to create innovative and high-quality programs for their members and ISE is looking forward to continuing the collaboration with EDES for ICE 2024.

During the closing ceremony of ICE 2022 Dr. Fatheya Al Awadi shared:

“ I would like to thank ISE for the trust in bringing the International Congress of Endocrinology to our region and we will do our best to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations and deliver an exceptional congress in 2024. Besides, I have the pleasure of inviting you to experience the culture and our famous Arabian Hospitality and we would like to welcome each one of you to Dubai soon. “

The Future of Endocrinology 

Dubai has been named the number one destination globally for association meetings and business events in 2021 by a report of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) and also is well known to have successfully welcomed international medical associations including several diabetes congresses in the past. In line with Dubai’s innovative and futuristic vision, the theme of ICE 2024 is “The Future of Endocrinology”. Dr. Syed Abbas Raza, ISE President-Elect, notes that it is ISE’s greatest pleasure to be hosted by EDES for the 2024 International Congress of Endocrinology and he looks forward to experience The Future of Endocrinology.

In the next year leading up to the congress, ISE will collaborate intensively with EDES to prepare a top-notch scientific program featuring leading international and regional speakers and the latest topics in the field of Endocrinology and Metabolism, so that it presents the best International Congress of Endocrinology up to this date. We look forward to seeing you all in 2024 and welcoming you to Dubai! Meanwhile subscribe to our congress newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news about the congress. You can find us at https://icecongress.com/