Chairperson’s message towards ISE Global Community

Chairperson’s message towards ISE Global Community

Dear ISE community,

Over the last few weeks, we have all realized that humanity is facing a major worldwide public health crisis which is changing our societies profoundly. As ISE endocrinology community is distributed on all continents, you have been affected progressively, but are all affected currently.  We hope that you and your close ones are all safe during these uncertain times.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus a pandemic and our health systems are severely under pressure. The elderly and individuals with pre-existing medical conditions seem to be more severely affected by this disease; this includes our patients with endocrine conditions – and in particular with diabetes the most prevalent disorder affecting our patients.

We wish to congratulate your current efforts to offer proper support and care to you patients who are fearful of the consequences of this pandemic on their health. We encourage you to use modern means of communication to contact your patients who are restricted in their mobility and medical visits.

In this unprecedented situation, WHO is prioritizing guidance for government health authorities.  In parallel, many scientific societies, our member and partner organizations are seeking expert opinions to issue recommendations to help health professionals navigate the unknown.

As a global federation of endocrine organizations, our response to the COVID-19 threat will be to gather and select content that is relevant for endocrinologists on our website, as the situation evolves.

Please visit our Hub regularly to keep up to date with the latest information and statements from our members and partners around the world.

Please stay safe and healthy!

André Lacroix

ISE Chairperson