Andre Lacroix, ISE Chairperson

Immediate past-Chairperson – Canada

Dr André Lacroix is professor of Medicine, Endocrine division, Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM), Canada.

He served as head of Endocrine Division, Endocrinology Training Program, Chairman of the Department of Medicine and Associate Director General for Medical and Academic Affairs at CHUM.

He was President of the Canadian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism and is Chair of the International Society of Endocrinology.

He is currently co-editor of the Adrenal Section of UpToDate and Associate Editor of the European Journal of Endocrinology.

He received the Robert Volpé 2010 award in recognition for his contributions to Endocrinology in Canada and was elected Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and foreign member of the National Academy of Medicine of France.

Major Areas of Research:

  • Molecular and genetic mechanisms of adrenal tumors and hyperplasias leading to Cushing’s syndrome
  • Primary aldosteronism and adrenal tumorigenesis.
  • Role of aberrant adrenal hormone receptors in adrenal overfunction.
  • New drugs in the therapy of Cushing’s disease, primary aldosteronism, adrenocortical cancer and pheochromocytomas.

Pr Lacroix has published more than 225 articles or book chapters and was invited speaker at more than 300 conferences at national and international institutions or scientific meetings.